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Puka Puka Parade Newsletter

On April 1, 1946, in less than 4 months after Club 100 (100th Infantry Battalion Veterans) was incorporated, the first issue of the club's monthly bulletin was published.

Puka Puka Parade Newsletters

The June 1, 1946 issue of the newsletter declares "Puka Puka Parade" as the name for the publication — called the "club organ."

The announcement states that the name was appropriated because, "it was under this nomer, which war correspondents used, that the outfit became known throughout the country, and because it has been used by its own members. Puka Puka, derived from the two zeroes in 100, has been closely associated with the 100th Infantry Battalion since its days in Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. Many members feel Puka Puka should be exclusively ours."

The club newsletter has been in continuous publication since April 1946, and has kept 100th Infantry Battalion veterans and members connected over the years. The issues are filled with articles written by dedicated volunteers of the club throughout the decades, and capture memories and noteworthy moments throughout the vibrant years of the club, when the veterans, their wives, and families of the men who served in the 100th, would gather for a variety of activities at the 100th Infantry Battalion Clubhouse.

Back issues of the Puka Puka Parade can be viewed online, courtesy of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa eVols digitial repository: The most recent issues available to the public can be viewed here:

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