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81st Anniversary Congratulatory Messages

We were honored to receive a special message from Governor Josh Green, M.D., in recognition of the 81st Anniversary of the 100th Infantry Battalion. He states in part, “Club 100 was formed in 1945 by the veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion to continue their brave legacy and to promote the values of community service, patriotism, and social welfare. Their initiative Legacy2Action focuses on these ideals and works to support and inspire young leaders to solve the issues that impact our state and nation. On behalf of the State of Hawaii, I am honored to recognize the 100th Infantry Battalion and celebrate their legacy on the occasion of their 81st anniversary. I extend my warmest mahalo to Club 100 as they strive to promote the values their parents and grandparents fought for and for all that they continue to do for our community.

We are very appreciative of this congratulatory message, and thank Governor Josh Green for his recognition and support of the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans.

We were also honored to receive a touching message from the Sons & Daughters of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, at our 81st Anniversary Banquet in honor of the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion. The message states in part:

“In remembrance of their outstanding achievements and history, we are truly honored to join the 81st anniversary celebration of the June 12, 1942 formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion. The superb tactical skills accomplished by the 100th Battalion soldiers during combat training at Camp Shelby greatly influenced the executive decision to enact the February 1, 1943, presidential order calling for Japanese American volunteers to form the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The 100th Battalion soldiers displayed ferocity in combat and tenacious determination, and a willingness to make supreme sacrifices to achieve every military objective at all cost. Their actions earned them three Presidential Unit Citations and the Purple Heart Battalion unit distinction upon receiving over 1,000 Purple Heart awards for their tremendous casualties. The 100th Battalion's rousing victories and proven loyalty led the U.S. Army to ship the 442nd Regimental Combat Team to Europe, with the Ist Battalion remaining at Camp Shelby to serve as the training cadre for replacements. On June 10, 1944, the 100th Infantry Battalion was attached to the 442nd RCT, retaining its 100th Battalion designation on orders from the War Department in recognition of its outstanding combat record. The entire 442nd RCT fought side-by-side, achieving their extremely challenging military objectives in numerous crushing battles to victoriously defeat the Third Reich enemy, until the war was officially declared over on May 8, 1945.”

We thank the Sons & Daughters of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team for this recognition of the 100th Infantry Battalion, and their continued support.

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