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2024 Legacy2Action Student Presentations

Today, the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Clubhouse was excited to hear from elementary to PhD students on how they can help Hawaiʻi become a better place, applying the values of success and integrity that the men of the 100th left as their gift to us.

We call this initiative, Legacy2Action. We challenge students to identify a problem facing Hawaiʻi, and to create a solution using the values of the 100th Infantry Battalion. We believe that these values, including Gaman (quiet endurance), Ganbari (persistence), Giri (duty; obligation), Haji (shame; pride in family name), Enryo (modesty; self-sacrifice), Sekinin (responsibility), and Chuugi (loyalty), spurred the 100th on to become, with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit in U.S. military history.

Legacy2Action Student Presenters

Students participants deliver a short presentation about their Legacy2Action projects, to interested audience members.


Students learned about the values of the 100th Infantry Battalion earlier in the school year, from 100th Inf Bn Veterans (Club 100) mentors. The students shared about a problem they saw in our community, how they gained inspiration from the values and lessons of the 100th Infantry Battalion men, and presented their creative solutions to address the issue. It was so heartwarming to hear students from all over Oʻahu being passionate about helping Hawaiʻi, and fully embracing how the 100th’s values helped to make their solution successful and sustaining.

Legacy2Action Student booths

Attendees meet with the student presenters at their booths to learn more about their projects, inspired by the values of the 100th Infantry Battalion.


Following their presentations, students went to their booths to meet with 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans (Club 100) members, family and friends of our 100th Infantry Battalion men, and supportive members of our community. They answered questions about their project, and received insightful feedback from attendees, including leaders in our community from all fields.

Legacy2Action presenters discuss projects with attendees.

Club 100 members and family of 100th Infantry Battalion soldiers Isamu Nakasato (A), Yoshio Saito (A), Thomas Miyamoto (C), and Thomas Taro Higa (A), visit student booths to learn more about their Legacy2Action projects.

We feel the story of the 100th is one that Hawaiʻi can take pride in, and not just one for descendants to be proud of. Due to the performance of the segregated units like the 100th/442nd, with the majority of its original members having come from Hawaiʻi, President Harry Truman issued Executive Order 9981 in 1948 that de-segregated the military. This was the first act of civil rights in the United States of America, and a defining moment for U.S. and world history.

Legacy2Action special guests view student projects

Invited guests from our community, including Dr. Timothy Cottrell (Head of School, 'Iolani School), Karl Okemura (President, 442nd Veterans Club and 442nd Legacy Center), José Barzola (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Conflict and Peace Specialist, Office of the Provost), Jon Teraizumi (Sr. Vice President & Sr. Commercial Banking Manager, Central Pacific Bank), and Honolulu City Councilmember Calvin Say, enjoy meeting with student presenters and learning more about their projects.


We are so proud of all of these students for their participation in the 2024 Legacy2Action challenge, with a commitment to make a difference in our society, and keep the “Legacy” of the 100th Infantry Battalion relevant by taking “Action” to solve the many problems facing Hawaiʻi.

Legacy2Action participants for the 2023-2024 school year.

2024 Legacy2Action student presenters pose with certificates awarded for their participation.

Mahalo to Central Pacific Bank, the University of Hawaiʻi Center on Aging, and ‘Iolani School, for partnering with the 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans on this initiative. Thank you to CPB Foundation for their generous grant to support the 100th Infantry Battalion Legacy2Action Student Challenge, and many others who stepped forward to share the legacy of the 100th in a meaningful way — “For Continuing Service.” 

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