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One Puka Puka: A 30th Anniversary Encore Presentation

A very big Mahalo to Christine Yasuma, Robert Omura, Wendy Suite, and David Soon of“Hawaii News Now,” for providing online viewing access to the “One Puka Puka” documentary, originally broadcasted 30 years ago (June 24, 1992) on KGMB, in honor of the 100th Infantry Battalion’s 50th Anniversary.

In 2022, the program was re-broadcasted by Hawaii News Now, in collaboration with the 100th Infantry Battalion’s 80th Anniversary Committee, on June 16 (7PM on K5), June 18 (7PM on KGMB), and June 19 (3PM on KHNL). It can be viewed online in its entirety at

This two-hour documentary was produced, written, and narrated by the late Bob Jones, and highlights his 1992 trip with veterans and families of the 100th Infantry Battalion to battlefields in Italy. It is moving to see the veterans look out at the Italian countryside and recall their experiences during the war, and why they fought so courageously for freedom and racial equality, to prove their patriotism and loyalty. The documentary tells the story of the 100th Infantry Battalion, formed during World War II, initially made up largely by “Nisei” Japanese Americans from Hawaiʻi.


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