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Congratulatory Commendations for the 100th Infantry Battalion

The 100th Infantry Battalion veterans were honored to receive congratulatory commendations and letters from President Joe Biden; Governor of the State of Hawai‘i, David Ige; Hawai‘i Congressional delegates Senator Brian Schatz and Senator Mazie Hirono; and Hawai‘i Representatives Ed Case and Kai Kahele. In addition, the Hawai‘i State Senate and House of Representatives provided certificates. The Honorary Italian Consul also recognized the accomplishments of the men of the 100th.

(Note: President Biden and Governor Ige personally addressed their letters to the 12 known living veterans. The letter included here is addressed to Edward Ikuma, the oldest and original 100th veteran; all veterans received similar letters addressed to them.)

Commendation Letter from President Joe Biden reads, in part: "On behalf of a grateful Nation, thank you for your heroic service with the 100th Infantry Battalion. Your regiment's distinguished service during World War II saved countless American and Allied lives and helped win the war. You are a true patriot, who fought courageously for our freedom and democracy around the world, even while suffering prejudice and discrimination on the home front. As a Nation, we must never ignore that painful moment; we must confront it and contue to learn from it."
Commendation Letter from President Joe Biden to Mr. Edward Ikuma, last surviving original member of the 100th Infantry Battalion.

Special Recognition from Governor David Y. Ige reads: "Mahalo for your courage, sacrifice, and bravery during World War II and throughout the past eight decades. You are an inspiration for the people of Hawai‘i to serve the greater good. Your heroism will always shine brightly in the annals of our nation's history and in the hearts of Americans everywhere."
Special Recognition from Governor David Ige to Mr. Edward Ikuma, last surviving original member of the 100th Infantry Battalion.
Commendation Letter from the Hawai‘i State Senate reads, in part: "Before its official designation on June 12, 1942, the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION (Separate) of the United States Army was comprised of a multi-ethnic group of draftee soldiers from the Hawaii National Guard's 298th Infantry (primarily from Oahu), the 299th Infantry (from the neighbor islands), and active-duty United States Army soldiers. After Japan's December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the AJA (Americans of Japanese ancestry) soldiers were reorganized into a new Army unit named the Hawaiian Provisional Infantry Battalion. On June 5, 1942, this Battalion comprised of 1,432 men, mostly nisei — second generation Japanese Americans — from Hawaii, departed Honolulu Harbor aboard the U.S. Army transport ship Maui. Their destination was unknown to the men, but en route to Oakland, California, word came of the official formation of the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION (Separate). The men adopted "Remember Pearl Harbor" as their unit's motto. The Battalion was put through extensive training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, and Camp Shelby, Mississippi, before its first deployment on August 21, 1943 to Oran, French Algeria in North Africa. The success of the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION during training led to the formation on February 1, 1943 of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team — an all-volunteer unit of nisei men from Hawaii and the continental United States. On September 27, 1943, the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION was the first Japanese American U.S. Army unit to engage in combat in Europe at Salerno in southern Italy. The courage and strength of performance of duty of the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION in its first weeks in Italy convinced the War Department that American soldiers of Japanese descent could be trusted in combat, which cleared the way for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team to join the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION in June 1944."
Recognition Letter from the Hawai‘i State Senate to the 100th Infantry Battalion

Commendation Letter from the Hawai‘i State House of Representatives reads, in part: "WHEREAS, the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION contributed to many combat operations in Europe between September 1943 and May 1945, including the Battle of Monte Cassino, an engagement that was critical in breaking the German Gustav Line, and the Battle of Anzio, a major campaign that led to the capture of Rome by Allied forces; and WHEREAS, the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION, known as the 'Purple Heart Battalion,' because so many of its members were wounded or killed in action, is one of the most decorated military units in United States Army History... The House of Representatives of the Thirty-First Legislature of the State of Hawaii hereby recognizes and honors the 100TH INFANTRY BATTALION and its many members, past and present, for their service to our country, their heroic sacrifices, and their outstanding valor in the face of the obstacles that stood against them."
Special Recognition from the State of Hawai‘i House of Representatives to the 100th Infantry Battalion.

To read all of the letters and commendations received, please view the below.

80th Anniversary Letters and Certificates
Download PDF • 4.69MB

We deeply appreciate the support in recognizing and honoring the 100th Infantry Battalion on the 80th anniversary of its formation.

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