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81st Anniversary Banquet Mahalo

Mahalo to everyone who attended our 100th Infantry Battalion 81st Anniversary Banquet luncheon on July 29, 2023 at Hale Ikena, Fort Shafter.

We enjoyed a day filled with warm thoughts and memories of the men of the 100th, in great company.

We are grateful to have had the presence of World War II veterans Dr. Takashi Manago (100th/442nd) and Mr. Wilbert Toda (MIS) at our gathering, along with Mrs. Jeanette Akamine, widow of Bernard Akamine (100th/442nd), and Mrs. Kazue Sato, widow of Robert Sato (100th/442nd).

Thank you to our honored and special guests, attendees, supporters, and volunteers for helping us to continue to remember and honor the legacy of the 100th Infantry Battalion.

Dr. Takashi Manago (100th/442nd) is welcomed upon arriving at the banquet.

Attendees await the names of their loved ones in the 100th Infantry Battalion to appear on screen.

Colors Presentation (100th BN 442nd INF Honor Guard).

Dr. Takashi Manago (100th/442nd) is honored during a special presentation by Senator Carol Fukunaga.

Buffet Lunch selection.

81st Anniversary Banquet logo cake.

81st Anniversary Banquet message cake.

Cake Cutting Ceremony (100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Executive Board of Directors).

World War 2 veterans Dr. Takashi Manago (100th/442nd) and Mr. Wilbert Toda (MIS) in center, with Keynote Speaker and 71st Cherry Blossom Festival Princess & Miss Congeniality Jennifer Kumura (granddaughter of 100th/442nd veteran Isamu Nakasato (A)) on right, and 71st CBF Princess & Miss Popularity Emily Johnson on left.

Banquet Lead Coordinator Joyce Doi, President Jan Sakoda, and Banquet Committee Chair Carly Ikuma (granddaughter of 100th Inf Bn veteran Edward Ikuma (HQ)).



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